Gas Burners (Type 1)

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Our diverse range of Horizon Type 1 burners are perfectly designed to retrofit into your existing Jetmaster Open wood firebox.

With their high MJ these burners recreate the amazing warmth, radiant and convection heat of existing Jetmaster open wood fireplaces that can now be enjoyed in areas that are no longer allowed to use wood.

An easy, cost effective, hassle-free way to keep your Jetmaster firebox and still enjoy the impressive flame and heat that these Horizon Type 1 burners produce.

Logs, pebbles or coals create the look you want inside your Jetmaster Firebox with the divers range of media options and sizes the Horizon burners have to offer.

We also have Type 1 Gas Burners suitable for Cast Iron Federation fireplaces that help restore them to their former glory and maintaining they period character.

To learn more about our range of Horizon Gas Burners available in a wide variety of sizes and media from river pebbles to iron bark and fronts to suit every home design click below.